Udenlandske fans skriver...

"A friend of mine gifted me with a copy of your album! I love the music and the artworks: Very beautiful work, my compliments!!!"
Laura (Italy) 

"Hands down one of the best sounding recordings done by an SAB artist. Ulrik kicked some serious ass with this. Songwriting, performance, sincerity, musicianship and expert technical skill on both sides of the studio glass. Really well done and the best ten bucks I've spent on this site."
Pete Strobl (Peatnik) USA
"Big thank you I have had a parcel arrive, lovely surprise as I did not know the album was ready. Well done it is really good I am loving it."
Joycie (UK)
"Just wanted to let you know that I received the package with the CD's. I've been listening to your album. Well done! It's a great album!"
Wilks (Netherlands)
"I GOT IT! ... AND IT IS AWESOME! I totally agree with Pete, it's the best of all the SAB productions. Ulrik - you must plan to tour in the US (preferably, the northeast!) - I'll get a front-row seat and shout out, "MEOW-ZA!" Haven't picked a favorite yet - much too hard since they are all great tracks. Believers, close your eyes and you'll feel the beauty even more! This CD is certainly worth the wait - could be the next blockbuster love story's soundtrack! PS: Appreciate the artistic addition to your signature {^,*}"
Sellacat (USA)

Folk skriver...

"Wauwwww... Skøn ny cd du er ude med"
Mette, Facebook

"Har lige været inde og lytte til Army Of Angels. Hvor er det bare et smukt nummer!!! Meget hjertegribende!!!
Anne-Rikke, Facebook

“Super fint nummer...der rammer mig midt i hjertekuglen ♥”

Maja, Facebook